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burritos: well over 1 lb. of goodness
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Enjoy personal service as you create your own burrito customized to your individual taste.  Choose from a variety of flavorful tortillas, steamed rice, beans, baked meats, fresh salsas and crisp vegetables.  Try a Neato Burrito at any one of our seven locations. Treat friends, family and yourself to a burrito made with healthy whole foods and bursting with flavor!

Why wait in line?  Order Online or download our Fax Form and fax your order.  We'll have your personalized burrito ready for pickup within half an hour of your order.  Go straight to the register when you arrive and pick up your delicious burritos.
What's In Your Burrito?
  • We source only the highest quality ingredients to use in our recipes.
  • Our food is baked or steamed.  Our ingredients are never fried and contain no trans fats.
  • All of our items aside from our meats are vegetarian based.
  • Gluten sensitive? Order a bowl or burrito with one of our tapioca flour, gluten free tortillas.  Everything we offer on our burritos or bowls is gluten free!
  • Our plain flour tortilla is preservative free as are nearly all of our ingredients*.
  • All of our from scratch recipes are purposefully low in any added salt.  Both our refried and black beans have about 1/4 of the added salt compared to traditionally prepared options.


  • Preservative free flour tortilla
  • Bowl
  • Gluten free flour tortilla ($1.00)
  • Or try the following for .30 extra
    • bowl on chips
    • jalapeņo cheese
    • jalapeņo cilantro
    • garden spinach
    • chipotle chilli
    • pesto & garlic
    • sundried tomato & basil
    • honey wheat


  • spanish rice with a mild, fresh salsa mixed throughout
  • barbeque rice with a sweet and slightly spicy BBQ sauce
  • brown rice


  • black beans 
  • vegetarian refried beans
  • our signature three bean vegetarian chili


vegetarian                   $6.00

  • All of our ingredients (besides the meats of course!) are vegetarian based. Build your vegetarian burrito with your choice of rice, beans, salsa, sour cream,and fresh veggies. Ideal for the vegetarian, providing everything you need for a balanced, flavorful & healthy meal.

baked chicken breast      $7.00

  • Lightly seasoned, high quality breast meat mixed with your choice of rice, beans, salsa, sour cream and fresh veggies.  

cajun chicken breast        $7.00

  • Our spicy, oven roasted, Cajun chicken  mixed with your choice of rice, beans, salsa, sour cream and fresh veggies. 

angus beef                   $7.50

  • Our grass and grain fed beef is hormone and antibiotic free. Angus beef is a great choice when topped off with your choice of rice, beans, salsa, sour cream and fresh veggies.  You won't believe how good it is! 

ancho chile pork           $7.50

  • Slow and Low pork shoulder that is dry rubbed with Neato Burrito's proprietary Ancho Chile Rub then slow cooked to perfection.

black bean hummus         $6.00

  • Another vegetarian delight made with our fresh black bean hummus combined with your choice of rice, fresh salsa, sour cream and veggies.

*Nacho cheese, Sriracha hot sauce and our 3 bean vegetarian chili contain a preservative.